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Communications for a sustainable future

Creative Concern was able to grasp the complexities of the science, and to communicate it an effective way to the audiences we had specified. They were thoroughly professional, creative and persistent – not to mention a pleasure to work with!

It was good to work with a company that values and understands the resource efficiency agenda and we were delighted with the results of our collaboration with Creative Concern.



Creative Outreach for Resource Efficiency

Creative Concern has been working with a partnership, based at Loughborough University, called Creative Outreach for Resource Efficiency (CORE), which helps to communicate scientists’ work and promote understanding of the circular economy and resource efficiency to the wider public

Earlier this year a team of academics created a high-performance racing kayak out of recycled carbon fibre. Professor Gary Leeke, who is an honorary researcher at the University of Birmingham, led a team of scientists and engineers to make the kayak out of fibre reinforced composite materials, which was believed to be a world first. 
Composites are very difficult to recycle and the team at the University of Birmingham has developed a technique using a process called solvolysis. They have created a material from recycled composites, which is as strong as the original, unmodified material. This Easter, Gary and his teammate Professor Liam Grover entered the International Canoe Race to showcase how strong the kayak was. They battled storm Katie and retired after 16 hours, kayak still going strong.
Creative Concern has been carrying out communications for the project. We have delivered stakeholder engagement, regional and trade media relations and developed content for social media. We have also worked with photographer Nick Rawle and a film crew to document the process. We secured extensive trade and regional media coverage for the team leading to new relationships with Red Bull.