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“ENWORKS is one hell of a story! This is the sort of stuff that makes me feel amazingly inspired.”

Sir Jonathon Porritt CBE (2010)

ENWORKS website

An 18-month project that included a comprehensive rebranding of the organisation and the bringing together of six digital projects that ranged from corporate sites to a complex e-newsletter system.

Look and feel
Professional, clear and simple but distinguishable from the many other similar services, ENWORKSʼ new brand stands out but is flexible to work across their services, online products and sub regional delivery organisations. Key to the look and feel of the brand was the prominence of their key performance indicators, which not only signifies the success of the programme but also the difference they are making.

The challenge was to develop a BBC-style portal system where each of the projects remained a website in its own right but became part of a larger coherent system. To bring the various sites under one brand, a BBC-style header and footer method was adopted, so that despite each having a very different audience, purpose and delivery, they would all contain the brand elements of the ENWORKS family. The result is a website suite that utilises a header portal, allowing access to all the sites from a single page. The ease of use of the portal header and sites immediately conveys the key elements of the brand – simple, clean, professional, flexible and distinctive.

Technical development
The ENWORKS portal is a collection of five Drupal websites and a bespoke database toolkit. Each of the five websites has been developed beyond the core functionality of a basic Drupal site to provide varying degrees of sophistication. The e-newsletter service is used by ENWORKS' sub regional delivery organisations across the region to sign up businesses to the service. It requires flexible permissions and varying degrees of privileges. The site also allows a newsletter to be built within the system by multiple contributors, which can then be emailed to a database of contacts in accordance with their profile preferences. ENWORKS in a Box, the ʻHow toʼ download site, is a resource library with a shopping basket system for the different types of available documents which can be downloaded into a single attachment.

The ENWORKS corporate site and the Green Heroes site are based on the same versatile structure but with distinct visual elements. Each of these sites is capable of supporting video playback, downloads, images and audio and acts as a showcase for their extensive resources.