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The Lowry's mission is to be the leading multi-arts venue in the world.

The Lowry Review website

To celebrate its tenth year and to coincide with applications for new program funding the Lowry required a website. The website was to be a showcase of the tenth year which had been scheduled to ensure was the greatest showcase of the various disciplines of creativity practiced at the theatre.

Look and Feel
A celebration of the vibrancy, energy and creativity that had been on show during 2010. Colour, imagery and film were used to visualize the top ten highlights from the year and together with photography and reviews the site served as a snapshot of the success the Lowry has achieved.

The website is split into three distinct areas. The first a series of films that were shot on location at the Lowry to demonstrate a normal day in the life narrated with ten shorter films interviewing key staff from the Chief Executive to the front of house staff. The second a description of the areas the Lowry aims to make the most impact locally, artistically or through supporting niche areas. The third a celebration of the top ten highlights from 2010 illustrated with photography, review quotes and statistics of their impact.

Technical development
Built using Drupal the website is a showcase of the ability of the platform to support all the various media types. Films use a custom built viewer, images are presented in a carousel and words are styled in accordance with the brand.