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After two months live, website page views are up by 75%


Salix Homes


We began working with Salix Homes last year to develop their new website and intranet system.

Salix wanted to focus on various key elements of the website in order to make processes such as paying rent and reporting repairs as simple as possible for customers to carry out. In turn, customers told us they wanted to feel more secure when making online payments and have access to more information about news and events from their local area.

The website design exhibits an extension of the Salix brand, with a fresh colour palette, suite of icons and guidance on photography. It now has quick, clear links to key actions as well as local news and events. Other features include job ads from across the Salford area, allowing local employers to upload opportunities for free.

We've supported this launch with a range of offline materials and have created an animated film to introduce people to the new functions of the site.