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A brand new look for the Vivarium's 50th anniversary

The Vivarium

We were delighted to be commissioned to work on the design of the interpretation and marketing materials for the new-look Vivarium at Manchester Museum. The Vivarium, with its frogs, snakes and lizards, has long been one of the most popular galleries in the museum, but it also works tirelessly to raise the profile of some of the most endangered species on the planet. We worked closely with Curator of Herpetology,  Andrew Gray, to design a suite of interpretation panels to communicate to visitors the importance of the Vivarium's work and the species on show. To highlight the impact of human life on these creatures and their habitats and vice versa, we chose to weave together the panels with a  mural designed by us and painted by our new friend, Brian The Brush

Following the design of the interpretation, we also worked with the marketing department to apply the established look and feel to marketing collateral including banners, posters and leaflets.

Go and visit the Vivarium! For more information and opening times, visit: